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Lindsay packs stone pots into jute bags

I'm Lindsay


I am passionate about making a difference to ultimately help create a better, healthier and more fulfilled world. I feel happiest and at my most authentic when I am positively influencing peoples’ lives.

As a hands-on wellbeing and facial therapist of more than 15 years, when the pandemic struck, I found myself in a position where I was no longer able to continue working with my clients. Embracing change with an openness to possibilities is often, in my experience where real magic happens. So, I set myself a fresh challenge and bought a batch of coconut wax, wicks and some tea-light cups. And so began my passion for candle making, and discovery of my new happy place, my fulfilling moments to thrive.

Set your heart on fire...

Our broader mission is to help you find and embrace what truly makes you happy. Moments that set your heart on fire. Moments to thrive. Over the coming months, we will continue to introduce innovative, eco-candle options that burn like a dream and positively transform your space.

Additionally, as part of the whole Positively Glowing ethos, I’ll be using my years of experience as a wellbeing therapist and precious knowledge gained from achieving Masters in Applied Positive Psychology to offer a range of services for you to tap into. Workshops, online therapies and offerings to boost your wellbeing, promote pampering and your all-important self-care and ultimately to help you discover what makes you happy and ways to bring more of it into your life.

How will you create more moments to thrive? Start today. Transform your space. Get Positively Glowing.

My moments
to thrive...

When not cooking up candle creations, I love to cook! Whether trying delicious nourishing recipes, enjoying the comfort of old favourites or baking sweet treats, it’s a rewarding longstanding passion.

My heart sings when I am walking in nature especially when enjoyed with good company. Woods and forests are a favourite destination and time spent at breath-taking costal locations. I find nature’s awesomeness both grounding and inspirational.

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