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Our Candles


Our Candles

Why Choose Coconut Wax?

Your choice of candle wax is important since it is the largest component of candles and you are burning them in your home. It is definitely worth exploring the potential harmful impact to yourself, your family and to our planet. Even though it is a little more pricey, we have chosen to use coconut wax as the main base for all our candles and here’s why…

Coconut Shell with Coconut Wax inside

1. Coconut Wax is the cleanest and healthiest wax for your home. It burns super efficiently with no sooting or black smoke. This means no respiratory irritation for you or your loved ones (including your pets) and no unsightly staining on your walls or ceilings.


2. Coconut Wax burns slowly meaning your candles burn for longer...greater value for money.


3. Coconut Wax bonds beautifully with fragrance and essential oils when added at just the right point of the candle creating process ensuring a really wonderful strong room-filling aroma (and many have commented about the strength of the aroma released even when the candle isn’t burning!)


4. Pure coconut wax has a low melt point and creates the most beautiful meltpool which is part of the success in achieving beautiful strong and long-lasting scent throw. When burned for 2hrs+ the top 1-2cms of wax becomes completely translucent. This not only looks gorgeous and increases the reflective twinkle in our glass jars, it also ensures a really even burn with absolutely no residual wax left behind.


5. Coconut wax is hands down the most sustainable wax for the planet. Coconuts are readily available with absolutely no association with deforestation.


6. The reason we incorporate a small amount of sustainably sourced rapeseed oil into the stone pots is to slightly increase the stability of the wax to help it bond better with the rich essential oils. This ensures a wonderful quality of scent released with optimum aromatherapy properties enjoyed.


"Arrived beautifully packaged and smelt lovely even before I’d lit it! I love it… it smells gorgeous and fills the cottage. Love the fact there is no smoke either. I’ll definitely want some more please."

Sarah, Oxon

Why choose natural fragrance and essential oils?


They are environmentally friendly and much better for your health.


Hours of research and testing ensure that we add just the right balance of fragrance across all of our ranges to ensure maximum scent release to fill your room with gorgeousness without overpowering. We only use vegan waxes and natural fragrances that contain no phthalates, no parabens, no PEG and therefore release no harmful chemicals whatsoever when burned. 


The combination of sustainable coconut and rapeseed wax together with the highest quality fragrance and essential oils is the most expensive approach to making candles. We don’t care! Health and eco-consciousness are core values here at Positively Glowing so no compromises ever on our use of optimum ingredient. 

Stone Pot Candle trio with seed paper dust covers

Health & Environment


Ensuring our health and the sustainability of our environment is at the very core of everything we do which is reflected in each aspect of our products and packaging.



- We use Natural Fragrance Oils* in our twinkling jars and Pure Essential Oils in our glow pots – all vegan, cruelty free & clean burning with no harmful chemicals or toxic fumes.


- We use coconut wax in our twinkling jars and a coconut/rapeseed blend in our glow pots. Our wax blends are the most sustainable and kindest to you and our planet. They are non-soy, non-palm, non-GM, non-paraffin, vegan, kosher and halal and all additive-free. These waxes are clean burning, emit zero toxic or carcinogenic vapours and produce beautiful slow and even-burning and great fragrance-throwing candles.


- Our quality woven cotton and paper wicks are environmentally friendly and ensure the cleanest burn with no sooty, smoky emissions.


- Pots are handcrafted from an eco-friendly non-toxic cement substitute with non-toxic earth pigment powders. We strongly encourage their re-use ... the most efficient recycling approach is to re-use it again and again in its existing form. 


- Seed paper dust-covers are sourced locally in the UK to encourage re-use of our beautiful pots!


- All packaging and promotional materials are sourced in the UK. All items including labels, boxes, packaging tape, tissue paper and cards use either FSC or recycled stock and are all fully recyclable. 


- Jute gift bags are responsibly sourced through suppliers who practice fairtrade approaches to ensure a fair price is paid for a product produced in an environmentally and ethically sound manner.



- We have and continue to conduct extensive testing for each individual scent profile to ensure each end product is stable, safe, clean and efficient burning and offers superior room-filling aromas to maximise your enjoyment.


We are of course CLP compliant & fully insured.


*All fragrance oils used in twinkling candle jars predominantly contain natural elements (essential oils, extracts, resins and isolates) and are phthalate, PEG, paraben, silicon and harmful chemical free. Some of the fragrances contain a small number of compounds that are not sourced directly from nature. These are either bio-identical to naturally found compounds, or slightly modified to give a slightly stronger scent. 

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