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Eco Candles

Explore our exquisite collection of eco candles, handcrafted with love and mindful of the planet. Each candle is thoughtfully created using eco-friendly materials, including coconut and rapeseed wax, cotton/paper wicks and kraft packaging. With a commitment to minimising environmental impact, our candles offer a harmonious blend of nature-inspired scents and ethically sourced ingredients. Immerse yourself in the gentle glow of our eco candles, knowing that you're embracing unique handmade design, non-toxic ingredients and sustainability with every illumination.

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Insights in to our Eco Candles

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  • Is coconut wax more environmentally friendly?
    Yes, both rapeseed and coconut wax are more environmentally friendly. Rapeseed is grown locally in Europe and Uk. Both are plant-based and completely natural and from renewable sources. Neither have any association to deforestation
  • What are the most eco-friendly candles?
    Those using renewable, responsibly sourced ingredients, those that are minimising waste - refillable and those using recycled packaging materials where possible and materials that are readily compostable or recyclable materials and packaging.
  • What candles should I avoid?
    Paraffin wax and those using cheap synthetic fragrance compounds containing a cocktail of phthalates, parabens and other compounds released when burning that may be linked to carcinogenic effects and/or respiratory irritation
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Eco Candles

Experience the radiance of sustainability with Positively Glowing. Delve into our captivating collection of eco candles, hand-poured with care and a deep commitment to the environment. Harnessing the power of eco-friendly ingredients, such as coconut wax, our candles offer a guilt-free indulgence in cosy warmth and enchanting aromas. Let the ethereal glow of our eco candles transform your space while embracing the eco-conscious journey toward a brighter, greener world.

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