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We now offer a wide range of highly scented, hand decorated wax melts, each with a sprinkling of botanicals for an extra touch of luxury. Now you can pick & mix your own personalised selection from our choice of 100% essential oil and natural fragrance oil blends. Each melt offers up to 18 hours of room-filling space-transforming, gorgeousness! 


Cut off a quarter and add it to your wax burner for 4-5 hours of delicious room-filling fragrance. Once oils have been released from the wax, carefully wipe out ready to add a fresh chunk of melt for more hours of your personalised fragrant paradise.


Your choice from...


- CITRUS SPRITZER...Tangerine | Lemongrass | Spearmint

zingy and fruity with a wonderfully uplifting minty fresh twist


- PEACEFUL HAVEN ... Jasmine | Rose | Vetivert | Vanilla

Enrobes and soothes you like luxurious, soft cashmere


- COASTAL CALM ... Cedarwood | Eucalyptus | Jasmine | Grapefruit

Combines the freshness of sea mist with calming woody notes of nature


- COSY TIME ... Ylang Ylang | Cedarwood | Sweet Orange | Clary Sage

A warm hug from nature to bring comforting cosiness to your space


LEMON GROVE ... Lemon |  Basil | Clary Sage

Bright, zesty lemons with fresh green notes of basil & fennel


- SELF LOVE … Neroli   |   Ylang Ylang   |   Touch of Lavender

Delicious blend promoting calmness & security


- SWEET SERENITY … Ginger Lily   |   Ylang Ylang   |   Cedarwood

An exotic, oriental-floral & woody blend


- CHILL OUT ... Lavender   |   Eucalyptus   |   Cypress

You'll be tansported to a relaxing day at the spa


- HAPPY PLACE ... Lime   |   Mandarin   |   Hint of Lavender

Citrus calming for relaxation & happiness


- ZEST FOR LIFE ... Lime  |   Black Pepper   |   Juniperberry

Energising, effervescent & refreshing G&T aroma


- STRESS LESS ... Grapefruit   |   Bergamot   |   Rose Geranium

Perfect to lift spirits & calm anxiety


- SLEEP WELL ... Lavender   |   Bergamot   |   Vetiver

A divine aroma with wonderful sleep-enhancing effects




- CRANBERRY ORANGE ... Zesty | Juicy | Fruity

A rich zesty orange and sophisticated complex spicy undertones


- TONKA & WHITE FLOWER ... Sumptuous   |   Rich   |   Spicy

Rich & spicy for a sophisticated vibe


- PEONY BLUSH ... Rich Pink Florals   |   Peachy Undertones

Floral & femininely fragrant peony


- SEA SALT & SAGE ... Aromatic   |   Fresh   |   Hint of Musk

Fresh, crisp sea air with subtle woody herbal notes


- WILD JASMINE ... Fragrant Jasmine   |   Zesty Orange   |   Vanilla

The alluring & disctinctive evening scent of jasmine


- NEROLI BLOSSOM ...Floral | Citrus | Fresh

A decadent blend capturing the citrus & floral notes from the orange blossom


- POMEGRANATE NOIR ... Zesty   |   Sophisticated   |  Hitn of Musk

Potent pomegranate with vanilla & musk accents


- SALTED GRAPEFRUIT ... Fruity   |   Citrus   |   Unexpected Zing

Zingy pink grapefruit with ginger, apple & zest


- LILAC TREE .... Fresh  |  Sweet  |  Floral

Distinctive, fresh floral with honey sweet notes


- SPICED PUMPKIN ... Warm   |   Comforting   |   Toasty Spices

Aromatic pumpkin with sweet, seasonal spices



Make your selection of as many as you like and we'll pop them into a kraft bag together with a handy Botanical Wax Melt Menu and send them off to you.


Why not treat yourself to a room filled with your kind of gorgeousness! 


Zero Waste   |  Eco Friendly  |  Vegan   |  Strongly Scented   |  Natural   



Botanical Wax Melt Pick and Mix

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  • Coconut/Rapeseed Wax Blend


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.