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We’ve put together 5 winning combinations of all natural coconut rapeseed wax melt drops. Each Edit is a mix of 4 themed botanical wax melt drops fragranced with natural and essential oils, collectively offering 70+ hours of space enhancing gorgeousness.


Choose from Love Edit, Fresh Edit, Chill Edit, Floral Edit & Hygge Edit. Each wax melt is hand decorated with a sprinkling of botanicals for an extra touch of luxury, Each set is beautifully boxed in high quality kraft packaging and comes with your botanical wax melt menu indicating your mix of melts and detailing the whole range. 


Beautiful as a gift for your special person or why not treat yourself to the gorgeous space transforming gift of self care.


Cut off a quarter and add it to your wax burner for up to 5 hours of delicious room-filling fragrance.


THE LOVE EDIT - wax melts to comfort and pamper you and your loved ones

includes one each of...

PEONY BLUSH ... Rich Pink Florals | Peachy Undertones

SELF LOVE ... Neroli | Ylang Ylang | Touch of Lavender

POMEGRANATE NOIR... Zesty | Sophisticated | Hint of Musk

SWEET SERENITY... Lavender | Bergamot | Vetivert


THE CHILL EDIT - wax melts to calm and de-stress.

includes one each of...

CHILL OUT... Lavender | Eucalyptus | Cypress
TONKA & WHITE FLOWER... Sumptuous | Rich | Spicy
SLEEP WELL... Lavender | Bergamot | Vetivert
STRESSLESS... Grapefruit | Bergamot | Rose Geranium


THE FRESH EDIT - wax melts with an uplifting zing!

​​​​​​​includes one each of...

LEMON GROVE... Lemon | Basil | Clary Sage

HAPPY PLACE... Lime | Mandarin | Hint of Lavender

CITRUS SPRITZER... Tangerine | Lemongrass | Spearmint

ZEST FOR LIFE... Lime | Black Pepper | Juniperberry


THE FLORAL EDIT - wax melts with a range of floral notes

​​​​​​​includes one each of...

LILAC TREE... Fresh | Sweet | Floral
NEROLI... Floral | Citrus | Fresh

WILD JASMINE... Fragrant | Zesty Orange | Vanilla

GARDENIA BLOSSOM... Delicate | Floral | Calming


THE HYGGE EDITwax melts for cosy, relaxing evenings

includes one each of...

COSY TIME... Ylang Ylang | Cedarwood | Sweet Orange | Clary Sage

PEACEFUL HAVEN... Jasmine | Rose | Vetivert | Vanilla

SLEEP WELL... Lavender | Bergamot | Vetivert

TONKA & WHITE FLOWER... Sumptuous | Rich | Spicy


Natural, eco, affordable luxury, creating moments to thrive.

Botanical Wax Melt Edit Selections

  • Coconut/Rapeseed Wax 

    Essential  & Natural Fragrance Oil Blends with Botanicals

    Non-toxic, clean burning

    70+ hours burn time


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