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Essential Oil Wax Melts

Discover our range of beautiful essential oil wax melts. Using premium essential oils and natural waxes, our melts are free from toxins, harmful chemicals and importantly - there are no synthetic fragrances! Beautifully natural and with strong aromas lasting up to 18 hours, we guarantee you'll be coming back to fill your boots once you've given these a go. Perfect as lovely handmade gifts, or to spruce up every room, our essential oil wax melts are beautiful year round - with fresh florals, summery citruses and warming spices for winter nights in. Explore our essential oil wax melt collection below.


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Insights in to our Essential Oil Wax Melts

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  • Is coconut wax more environmentally friendly?
    Yes, both rapeseed and coconut wax are more environmentally friendly. Rapeseed is grown locally in Europe and Uk. Both are plant-based and completely natural and from renewable sources. Neither have any association to deforestation
  • What are the most eco-friendly candles?
    Those using renewable, responsibly sourced ingredients, those that are minimising waste - refillable and those using recycled packaging materials where possible and materials that are readily compostable or recyclable materials and packaging.
  • What candles should I avoid?
    Paraffin wax and those using cheap synthetic fragrance compounds containing a cocktail of phthalates, parabens and other compounds released when burning that may be linked to carcinogenic effects and/or respiratory irritation

Essential Oil Wax Melts

Stunning essential oil wax melts available year round. Fill each room with natural essential oil fragrances and botanical infusions - from the opulent scents of wild rose and vanilla, to fresh bursts of pink grapefruit and zesty lime. Or if you're after something spicy and sophisticated, we've got gorgeous pomegranate noir, black pepper, plus sea salt and sage to name a few! Take your pick, fill your box up and give the gift of natural, essential oil wax melts this year, you can thank us later!

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