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Handmade Wax Melts

Discover our range of handmade wax melts. Using premium natural waxes and infused with botanicals and soothing essential oils, our handmade wax melts are 100% free from harmful chemicals, promoting a cleaner and more eco-conscious environment. Our handmade melts last for 18 hours and have a strong aroma to boot - all completely natural! Explore our collection of handmade melts today, making the perfect gifts for loved ones, or a handmade treat for you!


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Insights in to our Handmade Wax Melts

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  • Is coconut wax more environmentally friendly?
    Yes, both rapeseed and coconut wax are more environmentally friendly. Rapeseed is grown locally in Europe and Uk. Both are plant-based and completely natural and from renewable sources. Neither have any association to deforestation
  • What are the most eco-friendly candles?
    Those using renewable, responsibly sourced ingredients, those that are minimising waste - refillable and those using recycled packaging materials where possible and materials that are readily compostable or recyclable materials and packaging.
  • What candles should I avoid?
    Paraffin wax and those using cheap synthetic fragrance compounds containing a cocktail of phthalates, parabens and other compounds released when burning that may be linked to carcinogenic effects and/or respiratory irritation

Handmade Wax Melts

Enjoy the luxury and craftsmanship of our exquisite handmade wax melts. Each melt is hand-poured to perfection. Crafted from premium natural waxes and infused with our own choice of botanicals and essential oils, our handmade wax melts will lift your space for up to 18 hours with a clean and eco-friendly burn, free from harmful additives and toxins. Explore our curated selection today and experience our fine selection of handmade melts - for you and friends and family.

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